Sony Has Shipped 29.3 Million PS4 Units to Date

| October 29, 2015
Sony Has Shipped 29.3 Million PS4 Units to Date - 2015-10-29 06:40:39

The financial reports are in for Sony from the quarter ending September 30 and things are looking very well for the PlayStation and entertainment divisions. Not only has Sony managed to earn 3 billion this year from software sales but, it seems the year over year of the PS4 sales are also up.

Last year Sony managed to sell 3 million PS4 consoles in Q2 2014. This year Sony has managed to increase that number by a million for the same quarter moving 4 million consoles. This leaves Sony with a total shipment of 29.3 million consoles. In comparison at the two-year mark, the PS3 had only sold 16.6 million and the PS2 sold 25 million, making the PS4 one of the fasted selling consoles Sony has ever made. Sony is projecting to sell 39.8 million PS4 units as of March, 31st 2016. With the price drop, the PS4 could be the console everyone is looking to buy this holiday season, so I would not be surprised if this projection is not far from the mark.

Overall the PlayStation division is looking very healthy, making it a hard beast to beat at present. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft can catch up to these numbers after the Xbox One stumbled in its first year. I wouldn’t count Xbox out, it is still selling well and the new Windows 10 update should invigorate the console once again.

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