Sony Launches In-Depth PlayStation 4 Pro FAQ

| September 8, 2016
Sony Launches In-Depth PlayStation 4 Pro FAQ 2

Yesterday marked the official unveiling of the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, the long-awaited PlayStation “Neo” project that was rumoured to be in production earlier this year. After Sony’s PlayStation Meeting presentation, more specifications on the PlayStation 4 Pro’s hardware were revealed to the public, including the fact that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Rise of the Tomb Raider will see enhanced graphics settings. Now, Sony has released an in-depth FAQ providing more information on the PlayStation 4 Pro’s abilities, graphical improvements and place in the PlayStation 4 family.

Posted by Sid Shuman, PlayStation’s Director of Social Media, the blog post is intended as “a living document,” which will be updated with “new questions, details, and specifics leading up to launch November 10 in North America.” Questions are more than welcome in the comments section on the post.

While most of the information in the FAQ has already been touched on or hinted at, the post confirms specifics for curious consumers. For one, the blog post verifies that there will “not be any PS4 Pro-exclusive games” and that “both systems will be fully compatible with all past, present, and future PS4 titles, including PlayStation VR.”

The FAQ also notes that “virtually all new PS4 game releases moving forward will be able to take advantage of PS4 Pro capabilities on day one, or in some cases shortly after launch via a downloadable update.” Meaning the PlayStation 4 Pro isn’t just intended to enhance a couple games, but rather the majority of the upcoming PlayStation 4 library. Whether this will be the case has yet to be seen, but with such titles as The Last of Us Remastered, Infamous Second Son and Shadow of Mordor already embracing a PlayStation 4 Pro patch, further enhancements seem likely.

For more information, including a technical overview of the PlayStation 4 Pro’s improvements, head on over the official FAQ over here. As November 10th approaches, be sure to stay tuned for more PlayStation 4 Pro news.

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