Spec Ops: The Line Dev Announces New Game Dreadnought

| June 11, 2014
Spec Ops: The Line Dev Announces New Game Dreadnought

Today, Spec Ops: The Line developer Yager announced Dreadnought, their upcoming space-based dogfighting sim.

In Dreadnought, players take on the role of a mercenary, loyal to themselves and the people that pay them. Mercenaries fight against one another in a massive battle game that pits armadas against each other.

Dreadnought‘s core gameplay will revolve around managing a ship during a battle. “Commanders will assume complete control, dedicating power to specific sub-systems, customizing weapons, engines, armor, abilities, crew and their ships’ aesthetics,” the developer explains.

Dreadnought Preview: The Depth Of Space

Tony Mendrano of Dreadnought‘s publisher Grey Box explains that the ability to command an entire ship is a dream of many. “It’s an awesome feeling to control something so huge and powerful, and that feeling is present in Dreadnought. Our goal is to nurture that feeling at all costs by working with players to fulfill the creation of their dream armada.”

Dreadnought will be developed on the Unreal Engine 4, and “public testing” will take place sometime in 2015.

It may not be the emotional ride that Spec Ops was, but the thought of commanding a massive armada in battle seems like a pretty great idea with a lot of potential. Hopefully we hear more about the game in the near future.

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