Square Enix Reveals First Round of Free Final Fantasy XV Updates

| December 7, 2016

Final Fantasy XV may be out worldwide, but Square Enix doesn’t plan to stop supporting in-game content for the game anytime soon. According to an official blog post from Square Enix, a series of free content updates are coming for the latest installment in the Final Fantasy series.

There’s a variety of changes and improvements that Square Enix has in store for Final Fantasy XV. First off, the developer plans to add “gameplay enhancements for Chapter 13,” including buffing ring magic within the game. They also want to create additional scenes that flesh out the story and develop character motivations, including “why Ravus walked the path he did.” Down the road, Square Enix is looking into “making certain key characters playable,” customizable avatars for players and the ability to carry stats from one playthrough to another. New items may allow for such things as a god mode run and low-level playthroughs. And there may be new bosses with exclusive achievements or limited-time hunts, depending how development goes further on down the road.

Square Enix notes that these updates will launch “throughout the coming year,” with many of these additional content patches featuring more information before their official reveal. As of yet, the Chapter 13 buff appears to be the soonest update planned. No official plans have been announced for a release date for any of the content that Square Enix announced, but expect more information available as Final Fantasy XV breaks into 2017.

Square Enix is wise to launch free content updates for their game as well. Final Fantasy XV won’t be without DLC, meaning that free DLC gives players the opportunity to sample some of the additional content that the Final Fantasy developer has in store before laying down money on a season pass. Check back soon as additional content is announced, unveiled and released for the latest installment in the Final Fantasy series.

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