Stack Up Sets Huge Annual Fundraising Record To The Tune Of $1 Million

Stack Up Sets New Massive Annual Fundraising Record To The Tune Of $1 Million

The military gaming charity, Stack Up, has a noble goal of supporting veterans with the help of gaming in combatting veteran suicide has now reached a new milestone for 2021 in fundraising.

Stack Up is a charity founded in 2015, utilizing the military slang term ‘stack’ which refers to a formation of military or law enforcement officer team forms up single file along the entrance or doorway to a room where they believe a threat is located. The threat is traumatic physical and emotional injury, and the stack is the community in which the charity is based upon.

The incredible charity continues to break milestones each year with donations for their cause and 2021 was no different, as the organization saw a whopping $1,204,343, shattering the million mark for the first time ever and breaking their 2020 record of $942,038.

Stack Up Sets Huge Annual Fundraising Record To The Tune Of $1 Million

The Twitch and Facebook Gaming streaming community took to the front lines during the remote Call to Arms Live event over Veterans Day weekend and breached the $50,000 goal set for that weekend. The allied force streamers also continually kept the campaign going throughout 2021 by netting over a huge $810,000. Streaming for a great cause indeed.

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Through the benefits of gaming, Stack Up continually provides Supply Crates, their term for care packages containing gaming goodness that help frontline veterans reconnect, and have interactions with friends and family. As the pandemic continues to be pushed back, their other programs, including Air Assaults, will commence, delivering veterans to pop culture and gaming events around the world, establishing community, and terminating isolation.

Executive Director of Stack Up, Stephen Machuga said, “It’s easy to keep track of fundraising, and we’re proud of our numbers, but we can’t forget that this is about the people we’re helping. Our Overwatch program alone had over 430 interactions with veterans in need, almost three times as many as we had in 2020.”

Machuga also said “We couldn’t have gotten there without our amazing team, as well as all the incredible fans believing in what we’re doing for veterans who donate to Stack Up year over year! But if you think this is great news, wait until you see what we’ve got in store for 2022 with our new effort, code-named the ‘PHALANX Project’!”

For more information on this incredible cause, fans can flock to the Stack Up website to view more on this amazing initiative, and donations can be made through their official website as well.

See you on the front lines!  

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