Debunked: Star Citizen Developer in Potential Financial Woes

Star Citizen Developer in Financial Woes

Update 1: Cloud Imperium Games have posted an update on what the loan means for the company, along with outlining what was put up for collateral.

In the post, they outline that “The collateral granted in connection with this discounting loan is absolutely standard and pertains to our UK operation only, which develops Squadron 42… the collateral specifically excludes Star Citizen.” Hopefully, this clears up some confusion about what the company is putting forward to obtain the loan.

Original Story Below:

Cloud Imperium Games, developer of the game Star Citizen looks to be in potential financial trouble.

A filing placed by CIG has led people to speculate that the games company may be suffering some financial trouble, as the developers for the crowdsourced game have issued an additional loan from the bank. As return and collateral, CIG has put up all the assets for the game, including the source code and distribution rights for Star Citizen Squadron 42.  The said loan was listed on Companies House, a UK-based website that deals with registering, dissolving and merging companies.

Star Citizen has done quite well when it was on Kickstarter, raising $2.1 million with a total of close to $150 million by other crowdfunding means, eclipsing the game’s initial goal of only $500 thousand. It is unusual that Cloud Imperium Games needs the additional funding, going as far as putting all the game assets and even the rights to Star Citizen up as collateral. As Star Citizen is now owned by a bank, if Cloud Imperium Games fails to meet any required payments, it will place the already highly funded game in jeopardy, which includes each and every backer that has supported the title thus far through Kickstarter.

Unfortunately, Star Citizen although beating its initial budget, released to some criticism surrounding the way the title could be purchased. Instead of being a stand-alone purchase, the title instead offered gamers with different packages or tiers priced at different ranges that give players access to the title. In other words, the game is behind a pay to win wall when it comes to the different tiers offered for purchase, meaning that not all players will have an equal footing when starting the game up unless they opt for the most expensive tier or package.

Star Citizen is, at the time of writing, still for sale via the companies website with numerous tiers available for purchase. There is still no firm release date, although parts of the game are currently playable should you want a taste of the experience.

Editorial note: the story has been updated to reflect the ways Star Citizen has raised funds, as not all the money was raised on Kickstarter, with many coming from other sources. It should also be noted that a loan does not necessarily indicate financial issues, as it can be done for various reasons. That being said, it has sparked discussion, especially after numerous delays over the course of development. 

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