Starlink Toy Sales Halted Following Low Sales

| April 4, 2019
Starlink Toy Sales Halted Following Low Sales

In a new post released on the official Starlink: Battle for Atlas website, the developers have announced that all production for the game’s physical toys will be discontinued.

The physical toys were similar to those found in Activision’s Skylanders series and provided players with miniature figurines that interacted with the game’s virtual world. Simply placing one of Starlink’s toys on the controller would thrust the character or ship into the game world and bring the toys to life.

The team thanked the Starlink fanbase for their continued support for the game and their “warm reception” at this year’s February Nintendo Direct.

“Starlink: Battle for Atlas has been a passion project for us from the start,” the announcement read. “We are incredibly proud of the modular Starship technology we have developed, and how well players have responded to it.”

“Despite the immense and continuous support from our players, the sales for Starlink: Battle for Atlas fell below expectations. Consequently, we recently made the decision to not release any additional physical toys for the Spring update and in the future.”

While physical production has officially ended, the Starlink development team is still hard at work with providing players with new in-game ships, pilots, and weapons. Fans can also look forward to a host of new free missions and extra content, “including content that was inspired by community suggestions, such as Outlaw Racing.”

This month’s update is set to include brand new Starfox missions with Peppy, Falco, and Slippy all appearing as playable characters.

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