Steam Is Hosting 60+ Game Demos To Spend The Weekend With

Steam Is Hosting 60+ Game Demos To Spend The Weekend With

The Spring Edition of the 2020 Steam Game Festival is now underway, offering free demos for over 60 upcoming indie titles for a limited time.

While there’s an utter deluge of good AAA games coming out right now, you should still consider making some time available for the second iteration of the Game Festival. The demos within and the Festival itself would have appeared at the indefinitely postponed Game Developer Conference but is tail-ending the online presentations instead. The Steam Game Festival initially appeared as an indie counterbalance to Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards back in December with 12 demos and is back with a vengeance (12 to over 60 demos!) to help feature games from indie developers who lost the opportunity to demo their titles.

The collection features games from a number of the more well-known indie demo day events, many of which participate every year at GDC. That includes Indie MegaBooth and The Mix, as well as smaller events like Day of the Devs and Wings Fund. A couple of the games (particularly big names CARRION and SkateBIRD) are returning from the last festival, but I think we’re all happy to see them back.

Some highlights among the 68 games being demoed in the Steam Game Festival include:

  • We should talk.
  • Mystic Pillars
  • Evan’s Remains
  • Superliminal
  • Going Under
  • Sons of Ra
  • Tunche
  • Lord Winklebottom Investigates
  • Pushy and Pully in Blockland
  • Heavenly Bodies
  • Chicory: A Colorful Tale
  • Mighty Fight Federation
  • Embr
  • Liberated
  • Vigil: The Longest Night
  • Recompile
  • Rising Hell
  • Eldest Souls
  • Haven
  • Spiritfarer
  • KungFu Kickball
  • Coffee Talk
  • Divisadero
  • Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl
  • EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match!
  • Klang 2
  • Garden Story
  • Röki
  • When The Past Was Around
  • She Dreams Elsewhere
  • Elden: Path of the Forgotten
  • Resolutiion
  • Orbitals
  • Cloudpunk
  • Disc Room
  • SkateBIRD
  • The Signifier
  • Drill Man Rumble
  • Colt Canyon
  • Say No! More
  • ScourgeBringer

The Steam Game Festival is running now and will conclude on March 23rd at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET. That gives you a few more days to sample this huge selection of games from the comfort of your home, so we hope you enjoy them! I know I will. Between this and the Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil 3, and Trials of Mana demos, you’ll have enough material to keep you going until said remakes are out! A bunch of the offered games, especially Tunche (which features Hat Kid from A Hat In Time), Vigil: The Longest Night, and Eldest Souls, look like my jam. I also already own a copy of Mighty Fight Federation, which you should check out cuz’ it’s like Power Stone. It’d take too long to run down all the games that look cool here, so check ‘em out yourself, and stay safe!

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