SteelSeries Reveals 3 Solid Arena Speaker Systems

SteelSeries Reveals 3 Solid Arena Speaker Systems For Gaming Setups 4

SteelSeries is known for their gaming peripheral prowess, and today they’ve unveiled the new Arena Speakers in three batches for those who prefer maximum immersion with audio.

SteelSeries has unveiled a few more tricks up its sleeve when it comes to giving a next level audio experience when in the throes of battle. Introducing the new line of arena gaming speakers with arena 3, arena 7, and arena 9 systems, hardware that can improve your audio quality and K/D ratio in one fell swoop.

Offering immersive surround sound with a single USB connection, the arena systems offer ease of setup, while addressing those that need a quality speaker setup. With their two-way speaker setup, SteelSeries utilizes front-facing and rear speakers to throw a fan directly into the Call of Duty: Warzone without effort. Even epic scale RPG titles such as Elden Ring, can utilize this immersion, giving Tarnished a leg up on adversaries with true surround sound. With the signature Sonar Audio Sound Suite, having eyes on the back of your head helps from being on the receiving end of a Halo Infinite assassination.

SteelSeries Arena Speaker Systems Features

Steelseries Reveals 3 New Arena Speaker Systems For Gaming Setups
  • Arena 3 Speaker System – as the most affordable of the three systems, this one arrives with a 4” organic fiber cone driver, to assure you can watch your own six in the middle of a fire fight, without missing a single audio detail. An adjustable audio stand is included to give users adjustability for the listening position of the speakers. Available for $129.99.
Steelseries Reveals 3 New Arena Speaker Systems For Gaming Setups
  • Arena 7 Speaker System – Gamers that take their audio more seriously have the upgraded option of the arena 7 system, which includes a 6.5” subwoofer for those who like to feel that they’re in the game as well as hear everything that could possibly spell the players’ demise. For one more added feature, the speakers of course come with RGB, to add style to the system. Available for $299.99.
Steelseries Reveals 3 New Arena Speaker Systems For Gaming Setups
  • Arena 9 Speaker System – Coming in as the most expensive, yet most complete system is the Arena 9, with the most speakers for the most immersion available from the arena lineup. With two wireless rear speakers, an included subwoofer, and still remaining a single USB 5.1 setup is a task this setup accomplishes. For the most complete surround experience, this may be a hardcore gamer’s best bet. Available for $549.99.

All three of the SteelSeries systems can be installed with a simple USB connection, and can be utilized with an included 3.5mm jack for maximum peripheral adaptability, so the system can be utilized with TVs, phones, tablets, as well as PCs, Macs, and even PlayStation consoles. For those looking to enter the arena while remaining fully entertained, these new offerings from SteelSeries might be worth looking into.

The SteelSeries Arena Systems are available on the SteelSeries website, along with more information on how to get started.

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