SteelSeries Introduces Exciting New Apex Pro TKL Series Keyboards

The world’s fastest keyboard just got even faster and more a

SteelSeries Introduces The New Apex Pro TKL Series Keyboards

Today, SteelSeries announced the new 2023 Apex Pro TKL series keyboards – featuring the Apex Pro TKL Wireless and Apex Pro TKL.

SteelSeries has just unveiled the Apex Pro TKL, a gaming keyboard that uses OmniPoint 2.0 technology that claims to deliver 8x response, 5x actuation, and 2x durability improvements over conventional mechanical switches. SteelSeries boasts that the OmniPoint 2.0 switches respond 11x quicker than standard mechanical switches and have 10x swifter actuation when set to 0.2mm.

In 2022, SteelSeries has engineered OmniPoint tech to be even faster. Giving gamers of all stripes the choice of 37 levels of actuation, from as low as 0.2mm to 3.8mm with a response time of just 0.54ms. 

With a travel distance of only 0.4mm, WASD travel is made possible since even a light finger rocking on the key would register as a press. Users have the option to choose between incredibly light strokes and ultra-deep deliberate throws for each key, each program, and each game. 

The Apex Pro TKL additionally provides 2-in-1 key presses that allow gamers to assign two functions to a single key in addition to its speed. In one keystroke, you can walk and then run, grab a grenade and throw it, or execute a flawless combo, perfect for any gamer looking for a win.

The Apex Pro TKL and TKL Wireless will be untethered and available with next-gen Quantum 2.0 Dual Wireless technology. Gamers using the Apex Pro TKL Wireless can choose between…

  • ultra-fast 2.4GHz lag-free wireless technology
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for connection to multiple devices. 
Steelseries Introduces The New Apex Pro Tkl Series Keyboards 1

The Apex Pro TKL Wireless The Apex Pro TKL Wireless gives gamers a compact powerhouse on their desktop. Utilizing 2.4GHz Quantum 2.0 Dual Wireless technology and a TKL form factor, it ensures that your gaming and workspaces look cleaner and have more room for all your gadgets.

The onboard OLED smart display delivers game and chat information in real-time with no minimization necessary, so gamers can keep their head in the game with minimal interruptions. Rated to 100M keystrokes, OmniPoint 2.0 switches need keycaps to match, with double shot PBT keycaps being the perfect companion, delivering unrivalled durability, so they last from the first key press, to beyond the last. Additionally, with its 40-hour battery life, the Apex Pro TKL Wireless can play harder and longer than ever before – without being tied down by wires. 

The SteelSeries Engine unlocks a library of features for all SteelSeries products, so you can customize, sync, and tweak your setup to perfection, as well as the Smart OLED Display, An integrated command centre shows helpful data for changing profiles, modifying settings, and seeing real-time updates.

The physical TKL design allows for a cleaner desktop space whilst also giving more room for large sweeping mouse movement, ensuring game-winning moments go unimpeded.

Along with its large variety of features, the TKL design features the Series 5000 metal frame. The ideal focal point for any high-end arrangement since, made with Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Alloy, ensures for life after gamer-rage.

The new keyboards launch today with the Apex Pro TKL Wireless costing $249.99, and the Apex Pro TKL setting you back $189.99 and can be purchased on the Steelseries online store.

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