Faceless Streamer, Dream, Finally Reveals his Identity to The World

Faceless Streamer, Dream, Finally Reveals his Identity to The World

Dream, a popular Minecraft streamer, finally reveals his face to fans after two years of being a faceless streamer.

Dream, a popular Minecraft streamer known for his speedruns and popular roleplay server, The Dream SMP (DSMP) has been anonymous for two years. During his popularity, the people he played with on the popular Minecraft server had about as much of a clue as we had as to what he looked like.

Faceless Streamer, Dream, Finally Reveals His Identity To The World 1

Following the days before his big reveal he’d been calling up members of the server and friends and revealing his face to them before the big event. Leaving numerous funny reaction videos to surface.

Familiar people he revealed his face to include: Wilbur Soot, Fundy, Tommyinnit, Ph1LzA, and Karl Jacobs and more. The popular streamer said he would only reveal his face when his friend GeorgeNotFound came to visit him. On october second 2022 at 6:15 GeorgeNotFound tweeted this 

Setting in motion dream’s plans for his face reveal. As his buddy travelled to see him, Dream stayed true to his promise and revealed his identity last night.

Before the event, Dream also had numerous tweets teasing his reveal that fans, and even haters were going crazy about. A face reveal for somebody you know a lot about can be a big deal, and the dream did not disappoint. The anticipation was there, and the wait was well worth it.

Even old fans who haven’t watched anything in relation to Dream or his server were excited to finally see the mysterious reveal. Jokes about the reveal also resurfaced afterwards as people began comparing his looks to other famous people such as controversial YouTubers Shane Dawson and Onision. It’s unclear whether Dream has seen any of these comparisons yet as he’s not tweeted since his reveal.

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