Streaming Platform Exclusives Guide—What To Watch On Every Service

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With all the streaming platforms to choose from, it’s hard to decide where to spend your money. To help with the decision, we have amassed the top exclusive shows and movies available on each platform!

There are tons of streaming platforms on the market for you to choose from and it can be a daunting task to decide which one is the best for you and your family. Because of this, we have gathered what we believe to be the top titles—whether they be TV shows or movies—from each of the biggest streaming platforms to help you make a decision.

While this isn’t an all-inclusive list showing every exclusive original on the market, it should at least give you a sense of what to expect with each platform so you can more easily define what you want to watch and where that will have to be.


Streaming Platform Exclusives Guide—What To Watch On Every Service
Stranger Things

Netflix has always been the king of exclusive content. It might not always be the best, but I would argue they have definitely spent the most on producing tons of different content for viewers to enjoy. Along with this never-ending list of originals and exclusives comes at least a few that are widely considered must-watch TV.

Starting off with some of the original TV shows that have wowed audiences are titles like Stranger Things and Russian Doll, where unique ideas spring forth some really quality television. Ozark, Peaky Blinders, Orange is the New Black, and more headline a list of shows that are really impressive.

Additionally, Netflix has been on a true-crime binge as of late, with series’ like Mindhunter or documentaries like Making a Murderer, if you’re into serial killers, crime, and danger, then Netflix may be for you!

To top things off, video game content like The Witcher or Castlevania series has shown that Netflix has a great partnership with the world of gaming, while BoJack Horseman and F is for Family give Netflix their own versions of The Simpsons and Family Guy.


Streaming Platform Exclusives Guide—What To Watch On Every Service
The Handmaid’s Tale

Hulu is a master of original content in its own right, while not producing as many sure-fire hits as Netflix, they still have enough to make it worth taking a look at the platform. While not known for one specific genre, Hulu has made plenty of bangers for viewers to enjoy.

Starting with the headliners, The Handmaid’s Tale is perfection in TV show form, while Harlots and The Mindy Project continue Hulu’s female-lead content being incredible pillars for the platform.

Castle Rock is must-watch TV for anyone who is a fan of Stephen King’s novels or movies, as a conglomeration of his entire universe rolled into one is indescribably eerie. 11.22.63 starring James Franco continues Hulu’s partnership with Stephen King.

And finally, The Wrong Mans, Shrill, and Pen15 come together to offer some really hilarious comedy acts to Hulu’s broad forms of content.


Streaming Platform Exclusives Guide—What To Watch On Every Service
The Mandalorian

Disney started its own platform recently, known as Disney+, where original content for their juggernaut properties is being made, as well as their top-flight legacy content, going all the way back to the early days of Disney.

New films from Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar will all make their way here, so if saving a trip to the movie theater sounds like something up your alley, then Disney+ gets that bonus right off the bat.

Additionally, original TV series’ from Marvel, such as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision tie together content from the MCU, making it necessary for those fanatics out there wanting every bit of information available.

The Mandalorian headlines Disney’s Star Wars exclusives, with the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars available in its entirety, and now streaming its new series, Star Wars: The Bad Batch as well.

So far, we have seen live-action entries of Lady and the Tramp and Mulan, animated films Raya and the Last Dragon and Soul, as well as the Broadway-extravaganza Hamilton, with more inevitably coming down the pipeline.


Streaming Platform Exclusives Guide—What To Watch On Every Service
The Lord of the Rings

HBO has always been known for having some of the better original TV shows on the market while having premier partnerships on the movie side of things.

The new HBO Max service is really no different, where in terms of exclusive content, their already-released slate of TV series might be unmatched in terms of firepower. From Game of Thrones to The Wire, The Sopranos, and the dozens of additional Emmy-Award-winning shows to grace this service, you’ll have hundreds and thousands of hours of legacy content to watch.

Silicon Valley and Barry will make you laugh while Band of Brothers and The Pacific give you your WWII fix. Drama can be found in True Detective, Westworld, and Big Little Lies—all holding their own against the rest.

While their original content may be unrivaled, they also have several current deals for exclusive streaming rights to hits like Friends and South Park, while also holding movie deals at the time of writing this for My Neighbor Totoro, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Alien. DC Comic’s films also tend to make their way onto HBO’s platform.


Streaming Platform Exclusives Guide—What To Watch On Every Service
The Twilight Zone

Paramount Plus is the newest major streaming service to join the market, but considering they boast the backlog of Viacom and CBS, they equally measure out as one of the main players in the field.

First of all, Paramount Plus offers next-day availability of TV shows premiering on CBS, like NCIS and Clarice. Classic programming is also available from the days-of-TV-past with I Love Lucy, Frasier, and The Brady Bunch. Beavis and Butt-Head, SpongeBob Squarepants, and The Ren & Stimpy Show tackle some of animations best hits and Chappelle’s Show is on deck for those comedy-centric viewers.

If you’re looking for reality-TV competition shows you’re in luck, as Survivor and The Amazing Race can be found on Paramount Plus, while it is also the exclusive home of Star Trek in all forms.

Besides the rebooted The Twilight Zone, a lot of what Paramount Plus is offering in terms of new, exclusive content is unproven at this time, but with a strong amount of legacy content, there is a case to be made for Paramount Plus’ longevity.


Streaming Platform Exclusives Guide—What To Watch On Every Service
The Man in the High Castle

Amazon is definitely more known for being the juggernaut retailer that it is, but even though most of us get Amazon Prime for the shipping discounts (I kid), we also get their streaming service thrown in on top of it, and that’s great!

While much of Amazon’s TV and movie push is in terms of rentals, they also produce some high-quality exclusive content that is more than worth your time. From The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel to Sneaky Pete, Amazon Prime has the chops to get you to quit shopping for once, and watch some quality television.

One of their top-rated show is The Man in the High Castle, which takes you through a look at what the U.S. would look like in an alternate version of history where Nazi Germany wins WWII. It’s incredible.

Goliath and Fleabag impress, while notably, the largest franchise on offer could be Jack Ryan, starring The Office’s John Krasinski, for those looking for some super-agent goodness.

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