Super Nintendo World Aerial Shots Show A Real Mushroom Kingdom

Super Nintendo World Aerial Shots Show A Real Mushroom Kingdom

New images of Nintendo’s anticipated Super Nintendo World theme park are circulating online, showing off a colourful island of pipes and plastic shrubs for guests to navigate through.

The park features (tempting) platforms seen in many 3D Mario games while koopa shells are scattered across the park. The kingdom’s shrubs are also complimented with fake trees surrounding guests for immersion-factor. Interestingly, there seems to be a few mystery blocks hidden around Super Nintendo World but it’s likely they won’t be punchable for money.

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Originally posted by Instagram account imaiko02, the Super Nintendo World images are showing off corridors of pipes which run through one section of Universal Studios Japan. Princess Peach’s castle can also be seen in the bottom-left corner while it’s unknown if guests can explore it in a ride. The images continue to be circulated online while its original account has since been deactivated. (Instagram: @imaiko02).

The shots, taken by a drone on top of the existing Universal Studios Japan, also suggest the theme park extension is close to finishing while it remains closed from a worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Its launch will also include two major rides – an attraction called Yoshi’s Adventures and Super Mario Kart which are inspired by their games.

Super Nintendo World also contains other experiences captured straight out of the company’s family-friendly franchises while its characters would be roaming the parks. Originally announced in 2017, the land was going to be officially unveiled by Universal for the public during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Its increased tourism during that time would have also attracted more guests for Universal Studios Japan.

Rumors suggested the park took over $540 million to create while plans to bring Super Nintendo World exist for Universal’s other theme parks in Orlando and Hollywood.

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