Supply Drop Update Out For Enter The Gungeon

| Jan 26, 2017
Supply Drop Update Out For Enter The Gungeon 1

Fans of the fast paced bullet roguelike Enter the Gungeon will be hyped to hear that game developer Dodge Roll Games has released the anticipated Supply Drop update today.Eager fans can grab Enter the Gungeon on Steam at 50 per cent off starting today as a part of Steam’s weekend deal. The game is currently priced at $8.49 (CAD).

According to Dodge Roll Games, the Supply Drop update adds nearly 200 new rooms to the Gungeon that include new weapons, enemies, companions, bosses, and shrines for even the most seasoned Gungeoneer.

Players will have access to new guns such as the Bullet Gun, a gun shaped like a bullet that shoots guns and those guns shoot bullets. Also new companions like Ser Junkan who gains strength and power as you carry more and more literal junk with you through the Gungeon. Elite gunslingers will also be able to tackle unique pasts for both Robot and Bullet as well an all new boss known as the Mine Flayer. There are also some extra NPCs to assist the player, such as exotic goods peddler Doug.

For hard core fans of Enter the Gungeon, Dodge Roll has introduced an unlockable Challenge Mode. This new mode will generate random restrictions and modifiers as you progress through the Gungeon, making the game much harder.

The new update also fixes plenty of bugs and offers various minor balancing tweaks. There will be three new achievements players can unlock and now they have the option save and exit at the end of each floor, resuming the run at a later time.

The smash hit bullet hell dungeon crawler has sold nearly 800,000 copies since it launched last spring.

The Supply Drop Update will release on PS4 next week and Dodge Roll plans for a full-blown expansion for PC and PS4 in late 2017 or early 2018.

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