Swery65 to Take Break From Game Development

| Nov 6, 2015
Swery65 to Take Break From Game Development

Swery65, The man behind Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dream Don’t Die, is taking a break from game development due to health issues.

In a statement released on the Access Games blog, Swery65 said that: “Starting today, I will be taking a short break from game development, in order to focus on recovering from reactive hypoglycemia. I’m already slow enough at making games as it is, and I feel like all I ever do is make my fans wait. But I’ve decided that I need to take a rest here, so that I can hopefully continue to make games in the future.”

All his games have a very uniqe charm. Deadly Premonition especially has built a cult like following, being odd in all the right ways for people. We at CGMagazine wish Swery65 a swift recovery, and hope to see more from the developer soon.

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