System Shock 3 Gets A Gameplay Teaser

System Shock 3 Gets A Gameplay Teaser

A new pre-alpha gameplay trailer for System Shock 3 has been released, showing a short preview of the horrors you’ll face.

It’s been some time since we’ve heard anything from Otherside Entertainment about the upcoming System Shock 3, but thanks to this new trailer, we’re getting a better picture of how the game will look and play when it’s released. The minute-long teaser trailer gives a good look at some of the creatures you’ll encounter in the sequel, as well as SHODAN.

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It’s the longest look at the game we’ve had so far, and it gives a good sense of the oppressive atmosphere developer OtherSide is going for. Dark, scary, and grotesque are the words of the day, and some of the creature designs are pretty intense. Behind all the nastiness is, of course, the infamous AI Shodan. She returns once more to be the omnipresent, ever-threatening voice of evil – and your guide through the latest derelict space construct.

It’s encouraging to see System Shock 3 looking like a real game after spending more than four years in development without much visible progress. It also suffered from the closure of Stabreeze earlier in the year, as the studio had been a collaborator. Nonetheless, OtherSide has been adamant in continuing the development and the game is now more than half-done. The team is helmed by Warren Spector, the decorated game maker who was involved with the original System Shock. A remake of the original game by Night Dive Studios is scheduled for release in 2020, and an enhanced edition of System Shock 2 is also on its way.

There’s no release date for System Shock 3, but apparently it’s aiming for a PC release next year. We’ll keep a sharp eye out for any new details.

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