Team Shooter Rocket Arena Launches Into Closed Beta in May

| May 16, 2019

Nexon America and Final Strike Games have revealed their new 3v3 rockets-only shooter, Rocket Arena.

Rocket Arena is a team-based affair where the two sides try to blast each other off the map, Smash Bros. style, by filling each others’ blast meters with a variety of different explosive weapons and abilities. Sporting dedicated matchmaking functionality, its servers will account for skill level and latency when pairing players together. The game is planned to launch with cross-platform play for PC and Xbox One, with PlayStation 4 currently in development.

“We developed Rocket Arena with high-quality gameplay mechanics, superb controls, and the network code required of an online FPS. Rocket Arena is an intricate shooter at its core, complete with a marvelous world, colorful characters, and ridiculous rockets,” said Kevin Franklin, Founder/CEO of Final Strike Games. “Nexon shared our vision for Rocket Arena and provided the resources and expertise to realize our goal. The result is a game that our team is exceptionally proud of, and look forward to playing every day.”

Rocket Arena’s beta will occur on PC from May 23rd to 29th via the Nexon Launcher and Steam. The beta period will feature six maps, four game modes, and six characters. Players participating in the beta will also be able to earn cosmetic rewards to use in the release version. Signups for the beta are available now.

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