More Teen Titans Characters Join Fortnite

Teen Titans Characters Join Fortnite

The Teen Titans are getting another Fortnite skin and cosmetics set following the release of Raven last month, with Beast Boy joining the fight this week.

As part of Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 6 updates, Beast Boy is getting an official skin and cosmetics set for sale on the Battle Royale title, after last month saw the launch of Rebirth Raven—both from the DC Comics series Teen Titans.

Following crossovers with sports leagues and PlayStation IPs, DC is getting more content in Fortnite. Besides the transforming Beast Boy skin (where you can transform into Gorilla Form as well as the base Boy Form), you’ll also be able to receive the Bonk Bat Pickaxe, Couch Titan Back Bling, and Go Ape Emote, which will allow you to fully embody the shapeshifting troublemaker.

Teen Titans Fortnite Beast Boy Raven
Teen Titans come to Fortnite

Along with the cosmetics release comes a limited-time duo competition, where players can take the mantle as the iconic superhero duo, Beast Boy and Raven, to compete in a tournament starting on May 12th. This tournament is being called the Teen Titans Cup, and participants get a chance to unlock the Beast Boy Outfit and Couch Titan Back Bling early as well as earn an exclusive BBRae Loading Screen, created by Beast Boy Loves Raven artist Gabriel Picolo. All who participate will earn the new Beast Boy & Raven Spray just for competing.

Players can play up to 10 matches in their region’s three-hour time window, and the specific timing for each region can currently be found in the Compete tab in-game. To participate in the Teen Titans Cup, players must have Two-Factor Authentication enabled on their Epic account and be at account level 30 or above.

Starting Thursday, May 13th at 8 PM ET, Beast Boy will begin to appear in the Fortnite Item Shop along with his additional cosmetics.

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