The Chris Gethard Show returns August 2nd at 11 PM EST on truTV

The Chris Gethard Show returns August 2nd at 11 PM EST on truTV 1

After months of cryptic hints, Morrissey songs, and an HBO stand-up special, comedian Chris Gethard has announced the premiere date for the third season of The Chris Gethard Show‘s cable incarnation. The show will run live on truTV beginning Wednesday August 2nd, at 11 PM Eastern time. Currently, there’s no word as to whether The Chris Gethard Show will also be live on YouTube, as it had in the past during the show’s MNN and Fusion years.

The Chris Gethard Show (or TCGS) is an offbeat talk show where viewers are often encouraged to call in via Skype and comment on whatever the hell is happening onscreen. The show’s topics run the gamut of topics like “Lookin’ at Dicks in the Dark for an Hour (A New Low),” “Straight-up Phone Sex,” or “Talk About Whatever You Want (But We Recommend Professional Wrestling.”

After the most recent season finale, in which Gethard was erased from existence by a villainous comedy character named Vacation Jason after a tag team wrestling match, the show’s future was uncertain. Gethard alluded to some wild stories about the push to get Season 3 made on his fan Facebook page, but it seems those stories will remain untold for a little bit longer.

TruTV has recently made an expansion into the world of comedy, with shows like Impractical Jokers or Adam Ruins Everything. However, both of those shows are conventionally entertaining, whereas TCGS is known for its unconventional and inclusive sense of humor – it remains to be seen whether the show will be a hit on its new channel. But so long as Gethard is allowed to pull wild stunts like asking his fans to literally carry him to work.

Some comedy fans may know Gethard as Ilana’s boss on Broad City, or from his cameo in Iron Man Three, but his offbeat work on The Chris Gethard show arguably is the driving force behind his recent success as a podcaster and a stand-up comedian.

Originally, TCGS ran simultaneously on YouTube and New York City public access channel MNN, before being picked up for a two-season run on the cable channel Fusion after the MMN finale entitled: “When Next You See Us We Will Be Standing Atop the Rubble Of The Entertainment Industry, Victorious Conquerers In A Strange Land That’s Never Welcomed Us. We Are The Outsiders. We Are The Renegades. We Are The Surrogates For The Silent Masses Who Are Not Willing To Be Treated As A Number, Who Are Smart Enough To Know That Their Value Is Rooted In More Than What Demographic Some White Male In A Suit Categorizes Them In. In April We Take To New Airwaves To Shout Furiously On Behalf Of The Sad, Creative, Sexually Confused, Generally Forgotten Kids Who Have Long Found It Unpleasant To Shout For Themselves. We Are A Voice For The Voiceless. We Take To The Grid So That We May Speak On Behalf Of Those Who Opt To Live Off Of It. We Are The Nervous System, And Our Viewers Are The Heart And The Brain. We Aim To Obey The Commands Of The Meekest Voices Amongst The Din. We Are Selling Out, But We Will Never Back Down. We Thank The Powers That Be For Our Seat At The Table But We Refuse To Ever Be Cool And We Insist On Making A Mess. Some People Get Invited In The Front Door. Some People Sneak Through The Back Door. We Are Sleeping In A Tent In The Vacant Lot Next Door And Throwing Eggs At The Metaphorical House. This Is Not Goodbye, It’s Only See Ya Later. This Is Not The End, It Is The Beginning. MNN Was Where The Forces Gathered, And Now The Army Marches. And You, The Viewers Who Have Supported Us, Are The Generals In That Army, The Admirals On The Ships, You Tell Us When It’s Time To Push The Button And Go Nuclear On The Whole Venture. The Mainstream Entertainment Industry Murdered Andy Kaufman And It Is The Duty Of This Show To Get Revenge On His Behalf”

It’s a good show.

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