The Matrix Resurrections New Exciting Trailer Drops A Release Date For The 4th Installment

John Wick is 'The One'

The Matrix Resurrections New Exciting Trailer Drops A Release Date For The 4th Installment

Keanu Reeves returns as The One in an exciting trailer for The Matrix Resurrections which places emphasis on deja vu.

In a jam-packed new trailer after the first trailer aired earlier this year which featured a return to form after The Matrix Revolutions, Neo returns in a SciFi battle The Matrix trilogy is known for. Although the trailer seems to heavily implement deja vu for the titular characters, I did not see a whole lot of Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith, or Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus. But with how intricate The Matrix storyline is, it will surely make sense with a new Agent Johnson, and actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II taking the reins as Morpheus.

Here is the latest packed trailer for The Matrix Resurrections:

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Notably, the trailer is as convoluted as the excellent story set in a dystopian future. Somehow Trinity makes a return (I guess that’s where Resurrection comes in), and new characters’ faces are shown. Keanu Reeves forsakes the original Neo look and it honestly looks like John Wick entered The Matrix Universe.

Iconic scenes are replayed while a solemn song plays in the foreground of the trailer, while the original explanation for deja vu in the original films is said. Flashes of the original trilogy of films are shown coinciding with The Matrix Resurrections, so perhaps Trinity and Neo aren’t the only characters that make a return from their demise.

As The Matrix Reloaded mentions, Neo isn’t a unique specimen, so maybe we will see more ‘The One’s’ in Resurrection. The film may cover the original timeline of the first film, however, so the recasting of certain characters could indeed make sense.

In preparation for The Matrix Resurrections, fans can see the original trilogy with either a Hulu or HBOMax subscription to refresh their memory of the trilogy’s original storyline.

For fans, this is a brand new jump down the rabbit hole and it will premiere on December 22, and tickets will go on sale Monday, December 6.

Philip Watson
Philip Watson

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