The Medium Is Coming To PlayStation 5

| Jun 16, 2021
The Medium Is Coming To PlayStation 5 1

Psychological horror The Medium which launched as a timed exclusive for Xbox and PC will be officially coming to PlayStation 5 this September.

Bloober Team, the developers behind Layers of Fear, Blair Witch and most recently The Medium has confirmed what rumours have already been pointing towards, that The Medium will in fact be moving to other consoles, namely the PlayStation 5. The Medium held the spot as the only Xbox Series X|S exclusive title made for the new hardware and not compatible with the Xbox One, though its migration to PlayStation now makes that slot currently vacant.

Koch Media is publishing the PlayStation 5 release, along with the physical release for PC and Xbox Series X|S of The Medium, all of which will hit stores simultaneously on September 3, 2021. You’ll also be able to grab a special edition of the game for the first time, which will come with a steelbook case, 32 page artbook for the game and the full soundtrack. You can watch the reveal trailer for The Medium coming to PlayStation 5 here:

YouTube video

What’s perhaps most interesting about the PlayStation 5 release is that Bloober Team have stated they will be leaning into the features of the Dualsense controller. They haven’t specified as to how they’ll use the haptic feedback or adaptive triggers, but its fair to speculate that haptics will play a very large role in furthering your immersion into this horrific dual-reality.

Though this announcement may seem surprising, considering how often we saw The Medium leading up to the release of the Xbox Series X|S, with it even originally meant to be a launch game before it was delayed into January. Bloober Team has however followed this exact path for previous releases, like Blair Witch, which came to PlayStation a few months after its initial release on Xbox One and PC.

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