The Real Estate Company Puts An “X-Extremely X-pensive” Price Tag On X-Men Mansion

| Jul 23, 2013
The Real Estate Company Puts An "X-Extremely X-pensive" Price Tag On X-Men Mansion

In light of The Wolverine hitting theatres this Friday, Movoto, a real estate company based in San Mateo, California, decided to capitalize on the hype by creating a fictitious listing of the X-Men’s X-Mansion.

The property, once home to the prominent Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, is valued at more than $58 million, with amenities truly fitting for the X-Men aficionado: assembly hall, library, training room and acrobatics room, just to name a few. Also, the X-Mansion includes a private jet hangar, and two large-scale, unfurnished spaces that are totally open for designing the ultimate lair or bat cave. The X-Mansion is located in North Salem, New York. With British-inspired architecture integrated with superhuman flare, the X-Mansion combines comfort with combat.

Movoto spokesperson Nick Johnson says the idea of creating fictional estate listings comes from the curiosity of figuring out the values of pop culture properties, such as Batman’s Wayne Manor, Princess Peach’s Castle, or even Tony Stark’s luxurious mansion. Johnson, along with his colleagues at Movoto, is a fan of various pop cultures, be it comic books or videogames. But, as Johnson tells Comics and Gaming Magazine, nobody took initiative to actually put a price tag on such fictional properties. Thus, Movoto created a blog last April, putting a pop culture twist on real estate.

“We’re inspired by creating a unique way of looking at real estate. So, after some writing and feedback last summer, we realized that there is a lot of interest in the history of pop culture,” Johnson says. “So, as a way of helping add a creative insight into looking comics, cartoons, television shows and movies, then, our contribution is looking at the places where these stories are told.

“Whether it’s a land far, far away or a town in your own backyard, pop culture exists somewhere. We help tell the story of where the characters live in the only way they know.”

Johnson also says the inspiration for creating fictional properties is determined by current events in the news. Coming up with a creative value for the X-Men Mansion, Johnson says, provides a fun way for Movoto and fans alike to talk about The Wolverine before its theatrical release this Friday. Read more about Movoto’s blog post for the X-Mansion here.

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