The SupaBoy lets you play your SNES cartridges on the go

| Apr 14, 2011

The power of the SNES in the palm of your hand.

Hpyerkin, a manufacturer of third party video game accessories, has announced the SupaBoy, a new handheld device that will allow players to play original SNES cartridges on the go. The SupaBoy will be compatible with all SNES games released in the US, and while it’s still in its prototype phase, the SupaBoy is set for a summer release and will sell for $79.99 via Hyperkin’s website.

According to technical specs, the SupaBoy weighs in at 318g and has a 3.5 inch LCD screen with a rechargeable battery that boasts five and a half hours of life. The SupaBoy also comes with am A/V stereo output that can be plugged into a TV, as well as plugs for two SNES controllers.  This means that you can use the SupaBoy as an SNES if you don’t want to play all your games on a small screen.

While the SupaBoy is an interesting idea it isn’t really a practical one.  SNES cartridges are a rarity these days, and if you can find them they can go for a hefty price. It’s also not as if playing SNES games on a handheld is really all that new. It’s a bit shady [ed. note: and C&G doesn’t condone piracy], but SNES emulators are available if you know where to look.

Source: IGN

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