Tim Atax PAX: Day 0

| Apr 5, 2012


Tim &Amp; Buddy.

Hello everyone and welcome to Tim Atax PAX, a chronicle of my journey from to Toronto to Boston and subsequent adventures at Penny Arcade Expo East. This blog will be updated several times over the next few days with all sorts of content from crazy cosplay to gratuitous gaming. You can also follow all of my real time updates on twitter by following @CETim and my official hashtag #TimAtaxPAX. So please follow along, drop comments, ask questions and peruse all the awesome photos I upload. 

Day 0

I began my journey bright and early this morning as my travel companions and I set out from Toronto to jam on down the I-90 all the way to Boston. The car ride was pretty uneventful except for the super geeky music including Jonathan Coulton, The Minibosses, and various hits from the early 1990s. As we crossed the border into the US the Customs Agent asked us where we were headed. I happily replied “Boston!” he then let out a sigh and asked “Are you going to some gaming convention?” Again I replied with an ecstatic “Yes!” He then waved us through without any follow up questions. My guess is that there were quite a few Canadians “shippin’ up to Boston” on their way to PAX. During the drive we amused ourselves with American highway culture, commenting on the silly names for restaurants like “Steak & Lube” and trying to scam free WiFi from buses we passed along the highway. Fueled by a cooler full of tiny sandwiches and copious amounts of coffee we manged to pull into Boston at about 9pm this evening. 

Before I sign off remember to follow me @CETim on twitter for updates and if you’re lucky enough to be at PAX East this year, be sure to check for updates on the #TimAtaxPAX contest where a few lucky attendees will win free subscriptions to Comics and Gaming Magazine.

Now it’s getting late and we have a very early start to a very busy day as we kick off Day 1 of Tim Atax PAX. 


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