Touchdown: Armor League Kickstarter Launches

| March 27, 2017
Touchdown: Armor League Kickstarter Launches 1

Ares Games launched a Kickstarter campaign for their newest upcoming game, Touchdown: Armor League.

Touchdown: Armor League is a hybrid game mixing football and team based arena shooting action. Players form teams of six, piloting suits of armour and fight for control while trying to carry the ball past the enemy touchdown lines by any means necessary. Players are able to select from between four different suites, each designed with different drawbacks in terms of offensive power or defence in order to handle different situations. The suits can also use special abilities to further deepen combat and strategic options. Touchdown: Armor League also offers a number of different weapons and in-game modifications that can be made to equipment. The game offers fast paced combat and competitive gameplay giving players the chance to make skilful and dynamic passes while obliterating opponents.

The Kickstarter launched with an initial pledge goal of $50,000. Contributors who pledge $19 or more will receive a digital copy of the game when it releases along with access to the game’s prerelease beta. Ares Games announced that 10 per cent of the project’s funds raised will go towards the production of rewards for people who backed the game. One of these rewards allows backers to film themselves doing a victory dance which the team will then animate and add to the game.

Ares Games is an independent development team of only 13 people, based in Hong Kong. The studio previously developed and released two games in the past but this will be the first title directed outside of the Chinese gaming market. The company hopes that their newest game will please fans of the eSports community

Touchdown: Armor League can best be described as the American football counterpart to Rocket League, a famously successful game that blends soccer with rocket powered cars. TouchDown: Armor Core is currently in development and set to launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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