Underwhelming Opening Weekend Box Office Numbers for Solo: A Star Wars Story

Underwhelming Opening Weekend Box Office Numbers for Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story the latest offshoot title out of Disney set in the new Star Wars canon, was also happens to be the most expensive film to date in series history. Unfortunately, that production budget did not equate to an outstanding box office for the Star Wars offshoot film. Solo has made an underwhelmingly low grossing of $83 million during its long weekend debut, making it the lowest grossing film of the series.

Disney’s initial prediction for Solo put the film in around $150 million for the first four days of it becoming available, where in reality the film only grossed $83 million domestically. Solo performed even worse internationally, grossing $65 million during its opening weekend, with Chinese audiences barely having any interest in the film at all, with Han’s solo debut making an astonishingly-low $10.1 million.

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“Of course we would have hoped for this to be a bit bigger,” said Dave Hollis, Disney’s distribution chief. “We’re encouraged by the response that people have had to the film. It got a good CinemaScore (A-minus). The exits are very encouraging.

With a confirmation of the next spin-off title in the Star Wars universe, starring everyone’s favourite space bounty hunter Boba Fett, let’s hope it can outperform Solo: A Star Wars story.

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