Valkyrie Drive –Bhikkhuni Heading to Steam

Valkyrie Drive –Bhikkhuni Heading to Steam 1

Marvelous! The studio behind Senran Kagura has announced today that their other popular, bombastic and bodacious game, Valkyrie Drive –Bhikkhuni, which was originally released for the PlayStation Vita will be coming to PC.

In an extra special and extra steamy release on Windows machines, the remastered game will bring with it all the content from the original Vita release while also bumping up the visuals to a full 1080 HD image, rendered at a silky smooth 60FPS! The original title launched in October last year and was part of a three-part project, known as Valkyrie Drive -Mermaid- which was an anime series, the project also featured a mobile app, Valkyrie Drive Siren which released on both iOS and Android devices.

The aforementioned Vita title, focused on fast and frenetic arena-based combat, with fighters comprised wholly of large breasted anime girls that are only eclipsed by their powerful transformative fighting abilities.  The new PC port will also include all of the previous downloadable content, which was released for the Vita title, such as costumes and other cosmetic goodies.

For those unfamiliar with the original game, Valkyrie Drive takes place in a world where a mysterious virus, known as the A-Virus has targeted young women, transforming them into living weapons known as ‘Extars’, or those who control them, ‘Liberators’, amongst them a unique strain of the virus has infected the Valkyries. This new strain of the virus known as the VR- virus gives the ability to shift between the two roles and fight it out amongst the two opposing forces.

The game features 7 playable characters that all have unique playstyles that can be learned and mastered through the games 24 missions. Players will also get the opportunity to customize and dress up the girls in a plethora of both cool and sexy costumes and accessories that add another layer of player customization to the fray. The PC release will support Steam cloud saving, trading cards, achievements and badges, the game will be released sometime this Summer on Windows machines.

Zubi Khan
Zubi Khan

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