Valve Is Giving Away Steam Decks During The Game Awards

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Valve has announced they will be giving away Steam Decks for The Game Awards, as long as you are watching on

The Game Awards 2022 will air on Thursday, December 8, and Valve will give away one Steam Deck every minute of that show. With the awards running over two hours in the past, there are plenty of changes for you to win your very own portable console.

Those interested in participating in the 512 GB Steam Deck drawing can already register for it. While not everyone can win, you can also get a fun animated Steam Pal digital sticker for your steam inventory if you register. However, there is one catch, you will have to watch the Awards on to have a chance to win.

Valve Is Giving Away Steam Decks During The Game Awards 857131

As with any contest like this, there is some fine print, but the general idea is that the winner will be announced by their Steam username in the chat. You can read all the details here and get a chance to win one of these highly-reviewed consoles, and you to can enjoy PC games while on the go.

This is an excellent chance to win your Steam Deck, which CGMagazine reviewer Clement Goh described in his 8/10 review as “the very first true portable console that gamers have been waiting a lifetime for.” and “As dreams come true with portable Halo and Grand Theft Auto V, Valve sets the record straight on limitless AAA gaming that works.”

For those interested in being a part of this drawing, you can head over to the store page that details all the rules along with how to register. The Game Awards 2022 will air on Thursday, December 8, so get your browser ready and get ready for your chance to win, and watch some cool trailers and awards while you are at it.

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