Vertagear Announces Surprising Swarovski Collaboration for New Gaming Chair

Vertagear Announces Surprising Swarovski Collaboration for New Gaming Chair

In one of the more unexpected collaborations seen in gaming Vertagear, makers of high-quality gaming chairs, have announced a collaboration with the prominent jewellery company Swarovski.

The collaboration will create a special edition of the PL4500 chair, sporting a unique design that embellishes crystals designed by Swarovski. The design certainly fits with Vertagear’s line of luxury chairs, and its visual design undoubtedly pops. Swarovski has been making high-quality jewellery and crystal decorations since it was founded in 1895.

The Swarovski PL4500 is available as of July 13 and retails for the sweet price of $599.99. The chair also comes with a 10-year limited warranty. The standard version of the PL4500 generally runs for $489.99.

Vertagear Announces Surprising Swarovski Collaboration For New Gaming Chair

Here’s are the highlights from the PL4500, via its official page.

  • RGB/LED Upgrade Kits – The PL4500 is upgradable with a compatible RGB LED upgrade kit. Elevate your gaming experience with the world’s first wirelessly controlled RGB LED upgrade kit with interactive modes such as audio and gameplay sync and 16.8 million colours to match your mood.
  • HygennX Technology – As the marriage of the Coffee Fibre Padding and Silver Lining Embroidery Vertagear fans love, HygennX was designed with a patented coffee infused fibre to limit odour and increase breathability, while maintaining bacteria control properties from the silver thread to prioritize cleanliness and comfort in the areas most sat on during long hours of intense gameplay.
  • Heavy Duty Metal Base Frame – The PL4500’s base is engineered with industrial-grade metal to support up to 180kg/400lb for long-lasting comfort for all body shapes and sizes. The heavy-duty frame ensures the long term durability of the chair’s critical components.
  • Effortless Assembly – Our patented “Slide-in” hardware allows for a quick and easy on-person assembly. The chair can be assembled in seconds by simply sliding the backrest into the seat, removing any alignment and hardware complexities for a hassle-free, one-person process.

Head over to the Vertagear website for more information, as well as the other products available.

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