Videogame Voice Actors Could Strike

| September 23, 2015
Videogame Voice Actors Could Strike - 2015-09-23 14:42:22

Can you imagine your favourite game character with any other voice?

Recently, many Destiny players had to readjust to the voice of Ghost, from Peter Dinklage to Nolan North. Well, there is a possibility that many players will have to readjust to the sounds of their favourite game series as voice actors are voting in a general ballot with the SAG-AFTRA which could possibly lead to a strike. The vote followed after stalled negotiations. On Twitter the hashtags #PerformanceMatters and #IAmOnBoard2015 have been gaining support with industry greats like David Hayter and Steve Blum.

Votes will be tallied October 5.

How do you feel about the voice actors wanting better performance bonuses and worker rights?

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