Vivo Sets to Re-invent the Smartphone Market Again

| December 11, 2018
Vivo Sets to Re-invent the Smartphone Market Again 1

Chinese manufacturers aren’t usually known in the west for pioneering technology, with Apple and Samsung normally taking that crown in peoples minds. With the Vivo NEX 2 however, Vivo has set a new brand standard. 

With the Vivo NEX, Vivo showed the world that implementing an in-screen fingerprint scanner and a motorised selfie camera was possible, leaving other companies such as OPPO to perfect the idea. This time around however, VIVO is taking inspiration from the recently released Nubia X for its next smartphone breakthrough. 

Featuring a 6.39 inch OLED bezel-less display on the front at a whopping 91.63% aspect ratio, many would find that the reduction of bezels alone speaks for innovation, but the NEX 2 also features a 5.49 inch OLED panel on the rear, allowing for the phone’s main camera to be used for selfies. 

Where the Nubia X lacked in providing selfie oriented features, the Vivo NEX 2 comes over prepared, featuring a selfie light strip that lights up when needed, offering skin smoothening, a feature that is beloved in the Chinese smartphone market. 

Displays aside, Vivo has also ensured that their new flagship has other features to please tech enthusiasts, and from the industry standard Snapdragon 845, the not so standard 10GB of Ram, to the absolutely rare headphone jack – which comes equipped with the company’s quality deck for clearer audio – Vivo has created a device that promises to have features to anyone’s likings. 

The Vivo NEX 2 releases the 22nd of December and can be picked up in both a blue to purple and red to orange gradient starting at 4998 RMB (Approximately 970 CAD).

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