Warframe To Get Original Comic Series Based On The Game

Warframe To Get Original Comic Series Based On The Game 1

Warframe creator, Digital Extremes partners with Top Cow to bring new original comic series.

Digital Extreme, the developers behind the popular ninja-centric online game have announced a partnership with Top Cow Productions to bring a new original comic series based on the Warframe game to store shelves.

Leading up to the second annual Warframe fan convention, TennoCon 2017 set the stage for Digital Extreme to unveil their plans for bringing forth a new comic based on the popular game. The new Warframe comic will be written by Top Cow President/COO and Writer, Matt Hawkins (Think tank, The Tithe, Aphrodite IX).

“I was immediately attracted to Warframe because of its storyline…for a writer, it’s a very fertile place to create something fresh, from the mysterious Tenno origins to the faction battles to the Grineer Queens and more,” says Hawkins in a press release. “It’s a fantastic universe where I have lost many late night hours playing the game.”

The five issue series aims to expand on the Warframe universe by introducing intriguing new characters and all-new, never before seen locations.  The story will follow a lone Warframe, known as Excalibur, who is determined to protect a young blinded girl, who also happens the last survivor of a recently destroyed village on Earth. The comic promises to also hint at possible future game updates that have yet to be revealed in the over-arching universe within Warframe, the game.

The Warframe comic will be available at retail October 2017, with an exclusive TennoCon variant cover available for free, for all attendees on July 8, 2017.

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