What’s New To Xbox Game Pass This Month

Here's What's New To Xbox Game Pass This Month

There’s always more being added to Xbox Game Pass, and here’s what’s been added just this month to the service.

Xbox Game Pass is known colloquially as “the best deal in gaming”, and it’s no surprise why that’s caught on. Just this month alone Xbox has added a great deal of games for Xbox Game Pass on PC, console, and xCloud.

This months additions include:

  • Disneyland Adventures (xCloud)
  • Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure (xCloud)
  • Outriders (xCloud, Console)
  • NHL 21 (Console)
  • MLB The Show 21 (Console, xCloud)
  • Rain on Your Parade (xCloud, Console, PC)
  • Pathway (PC)
  • Grand Theft Auto V (Console, xCloud)
  • Zombie Army 4: Dead War (xCloud, Console, PC)
  • Fable (xCloud)
  • Fable III (xCloud)
  • Phogs! (PC)
  • Second Extinction – Game Preview (xCloud, Console, PC)
  • Destroy All Humans! (xCloud, Console, PC)
Mlb The Show 21
MLB The Show 21

Some of the more notable additions on this list are games like Grand Theft Auto V, Phogs!, Outriders, and MLB The Show 21. The addition of MLB The Show 21 is especially noteworthy because up until this year, the MLB The Show series has been exclusive to PlayStation platforms, and a PlayStation Studios developed game. It also wasn’t just added to Game Pass, but launched on the service this month on April 20, as did Outriders at the beginning of the month on April 1, 2021.

While games like Disneyland Adventures, Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure, Fable and Fable III have been available to players on console, their addition to xCloud is also noteworthy because its not just the games being added this month for xCloud. Xbox has added touch controls for over 50 of the games already available on xCloud, so now players can just use their phone instead of having to connect a controller.

This is just the additions we’ve seen from this month, and we can almost surely expect May to follow suit with another great suite of additions. It truly does earn the title of “best deal in gaming”.

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