When is Halo Infinite Season 2 Starting? Co-op, Multiplayer Details

When is Halo Infinite Season 2 Starting? Co-op, Multiplayer Details 1

Halo Infinite and the world of Zeta Halo are getting a major update to its multiplayer content and co-op campaign capabilities, with season 2 dropping in May 2022.

Whether you have dropped out of the Halo Infinite hype since the November/December 2021 launch or have stuck around though the slow-rolling features of the game, the latest update hopes to spice things up. Halo Infinite Season 2 will be launching on May 3, 2022, bringing two new maps, three additional game modes and a new Battle Pass. In the latter half of the season, four-player co-op campaign and Forge is also expected to be added.

343 Industries previously announced that Season 2 was originally planned to be released in early February 2022. This was around the same time that Season 2 was revealed to be called Lone Wolves. This season arrives on May 3 and will run for six months into November.

Here is a breakdown list of new features in Halo Infinite’s first multiplayer update:

  • Two new multiplayer maps, Catalyst and Breaker.
  • Two new multiplayer modes, King of the Hill and Last Spartan Standing.
  • New 100-tier Season 2 Battle Pass, with a free and $10 premium track. The Battle Pass includes various armour, coatings, and more centred around the Rakshasa and MKVII armour cores. Premium pass holders can also earn 1,000 Credits throughout the season.
  • The first half of the “Interference Alpha Pack” narrative event, continuing the multiplayer’s intertwined story first explored at launch.
  • New Slayer variants added to matchmaking playlists, including Rocket Repulsors, Ninja Slayer, and Vampireball.
  • The first full reset to Halo Infinite’s multiplayer ranks.
  • Various “quality of life improvements” throughout multiplayer.
When Is Halo Infinite Season 2 Starting? Co-Op, Multiplayer Details 2

The roadmap for Halo Infinite Lone Wolves also provided a detailed timeline for things to come as the season progresses with some events and features revealed.

Here is a list of Halo Infinite Season 2 updates known from now to November:

  • Fracture: Entrenched, the latest recurring in-game event, begins May 24. The event would be similar to last season’s samurai-themed Tenrai festivities, centred around the new Land Grab mode and non-canon Iron Eagle armour core.
  • The second half of the Interference Alpha Pack story event will debut on July 19, running through Aug. 1.
  • Halo Infinite’s co-op campaign support should arrive sometime in August 2022. The update will allow up to four players to play Halo Infinite’s campaign online.
  • “Mission Replay” will arrive for Halo Infinite’s campaign sometime in August, introducing the ability to revisit specific missions after completion.
  • The Halo Infinite Forge open beta is slated to launch sometime in September 2022.
  • Various new multiplayer playlists will be cycled into the game throughout Season 2, including Team Snipers, Team Doubles, Social Skirmish, and Social Slayer.

One of the biggest changes expected in the Battle Pass for Season 2 was allowing players to earn back credits who bought the premium, paid pass. 343 Industries Design Head, Jerry Hook stated, “Thanks to your continued feedback, we are happy to confirm Credits will be earnable in Season 2’s battle pass… That means you will be able to earn Credits as part of your Halo Infinite progression. We’ll have more to share on this as we get closer to Season 2.”

When Is Halo Infinite Season 2 Starting? Co-Op, Multiplayer Details 3

This would be similar to games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone, which allowed players to be rewarded for their investment of paying for better rewards. As for future events, Entrenched is expected to be similar to the Tenrai event with dedicated game playlists and a free, limited-time event pass for all players. I cannot wait to finally get some awesome new cosmetics.

So, the most important question is what time will this big multiplayer update be dropping? The Halo Infinite servers are expected to go offline for one hour to fully rollout season 2 to each time zone as listed:

  • HKT – 2 AM
  • JST – 3 AM
  • AEST – 4 AM
  • NZST – 6 AM
  • PDT – 11 AM
  • CDT – 1 PM
  • EDT – 2 PM
  • BRT – 3 PM
  • BST – 7 PM
  • CEST – 8 PM
  • AST – 9 PM
  • IST – 11:30 PM

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