Welcome To The Huge Halo Infinite Season 2 – Lone Wolves

Welcome To The Huge Halo Infinite Season 2, Lone Wolves 1

343 Industries has been on the receiving end of an assault from fans due to Halo Infinite lacking new content introduced since launch, but the new Halo Infinite Season Two – Lone Wolves aims to correct that.

Finally, Halo Infinite has come back with an exciting Season 2 update that drops Spartans into a whole new series of battles, including an all-new battle pass for exciting unlockable cosmetics. The teaser trailer went live today, claiming “We always have room for another wolf.”

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This is an exciting development for fans of the huge Sci-Fi shooter and arrives after a series of delays that allowed the game to stagnate. Community Writer for 343 Industries, Alex Haruspis stated “It obviously goes without saying that we’re a way out from where folks really want us to be, but we’ll get there – and I think this is going to be an exciting step towards great times to come driven by the community’s feedback. The teams have done amazing work on this season!” in a Tweet regarding the new season.

This shows that 343 Industries is not only self-aware of the backlash Halo Infinite is receiving regarding the lack of new content, but that they’re listening to their fans by including many updates. It’s also worth mentioning the inclusion of the possible Halo: Reach AKIS helmet, or a new variation of, by the Spartan on the left of the trailer’s thumbnail.

Welcome To The Huge Halo Infinite Season 2 - Lone Wolves

Although the brand-new battle pass doesn’t have any details just yet, the Head of Design at 343, Jerry Hook posted an update on Twitter that says “we are happy to confirm Credits will be earnable in Season 2’s Battle Pass. That means you will be able to earn credits as part of your Halo Infinite progression,” to answer burning fan questions about whether this will be possible.

Halo Infinite Season Two – Lone Wolves is dropping in-game on May 3rd, and will most likely feature ‘lone wolf’ type gameplay. Fans can drop into the Official Halo Twitter account for updates, and to catch up on what the team has been working on.

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