Why You Need the New NZXT Canvas QHD Monitors, Out Today

Why You Need the New NZXT Canvas QHD Monitors, Out Today

NZXT announced their latest two QHD monitors today, showcasing its specifications and updates to design functionality.

Did one or two of your gaming monitors give up on you? Then, now may be the perfect time to start investing in a new monitor(s). Today, NZXT announced their new Canvas QHD monitors, which has the gamers’ needs in mind. The creators highlighted how these monitors are meant to push gaming experiences to their limits with high resolutions and high frame rates. They are also built with the idea of various desk setups gamers may have.

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Whether gamers are enjoying their sweet time in Minecraft or trying to get that clutch dub on Fortnite, the NZXT Canvas monitors will step up to the challenge. Every one of these monitors are built for 1440p resolution, a 165Hz refresh rate, and AMD Freesync Premium support.

The cool thing with the Canvas monitors is their abilities utilized through NZXT CAM support. This would allow the user to set custom profile settings for various display settings throughout different points of the day. This could be like having warmer colour display tones before bed or waking up, or transitioning to cooler display colours around the midday.

The choices do not end there. With each monitor, users can choose which mounts would work best for their monitor setup: the standard standing mount, the single-arm desk clamp mount or the dual-arm desk clamp mount. One thing is certain, no need to measure or drill holes for setting these high-class monitors up. The best part is each type of mount supports cable management needs as well.

Here are the main highlights of the Canvas QHD monitors from NZXT:

  • 1440p resolution, HDR 10, 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, supports AMD FreeSync Premium
  • Anti-glare allows for versatility in high or low-light spaces
  • Two options available for mounting— a compact stand and VESA 100×100
  • Flicker-free display with low blue light means less eye strain
  • Canvas 32QHD monitors feature 1500R curvature – 20% greater curvature than the standard (1800R), improving wraparound immersion
  • Enhanced customization options in NZXT CAM—create custom profiles for games and times of day

NZXT had also released a full pricing breakdown for each of the monitors and the accessories gamers could get with their new monitors. The company has noted how the Canvas 32Q Curved White and 27Q White would be slightly more expensive due to the additional manufacturing costs to make them:

Canvas Monitor & Stand

  • 27Q Black: $359.99 
  • 27Q White*: $379.99
  • 32Q Curved Black: $429.99 
  • 32Q Curved White: $449.99

Canvas Monitor Only

  • 27Q Black: $319.99
  • 27Q White: $339.99 
  • 32Q Curved Black: $379.99
  • 32Q Curved White: $399.99

Monitor Arm

  • Single Arm: $99.99 
  • Dual Arm: $169.99 

Personally, I have been looking for a third monitor to add to my dual monitor setup. If I add one of monitors, it could be my main monitor as I have paid around the same price for at least one of my current monitors. As someone who spends a lot of time on my PC with long, competitive gaming session on Valorant, I need a great monitor to complement eye care. Plus, I have bought other equipment and peripherals from NZXT, which have shown their resilience in reliability.

All of these stunning monitors are currently available to buy on the NZXT website in North America and the EMEA.

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