William Shatner Returns To NFCC For An Exciting 2022

William Shatner Returns To NFCC For An Exciting 2022 1

William Shatner, most famously known for his role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek, is making a return to Niagara Falls Comic Con in 2022.

It seems to be a tour of the comic cons for the captain as, after his appearance at NYCC this year, William Shatner makes his long-awaited return to the NFCC in skipper fashion. NFCC has made many exciting announcements over the past month, and this is just another to augment the experience for fans.

William Shatner has had a storied career, from being the most recognizable captain on television to being the punch line of a Comedy Central Roast, all the way to returning to the fans on the Comic-Con circuit.

His appearance at NYCC gave fans much to explore as he went through some highlights of his career. It was in the form of a standup comedy, and the well-spoken head of the USS Enterprise did not disappoint. He will be bringing all of that energy to the NFCC this June.

William Shatner Returns To Nfcc For An Exciting 2022

During his address to the fans in the crowd, Shatner joked around about the concept of going to space by saying “They said ‘all right, how would you like to go up. You’ll be the oldest guy in space,’… I don’t want to be known as the oldest guy. I’m bloody Captain Kirk!”

William Shatner recently went on the aforementioned space adventure and was able to see what life was like above the atmosphere in the dark reaches of the universe, with a message that says “fans will lead the way,” in a message that details his vast appreciation for his fans.

To follow the exploits of this legendary space captain, you can follow William Shatner on Instagram.

Niagara Falls Comic Con will be taking place from June 3 to 5 in 2022, at the Scotiabank Convention Centre. Tickets are available to secure here.

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