Wolfenstein: The New Order Trailer Shows a New Way to Play

Bethesda Softworks UK released a new trailer for their upcoming Wolfenstein: The New Order game that releases next month. It’s been pretty obvious that this time around, the studio is working on something that will make gamers feel like they’re playing an over the top 90s shooter.  In the trailer though, they show that it doesn’t have to be played like that.

It starts with a scene from the game where B.J Blazkowicz is told by an old guy to kill every Nazi in the base. There are a lot of ways to kill quietly. The trailer shows knife throwing, pistol silencing, lock picking, and cool animation where you cut the back of an enemy’s leg then stab him in the neck.  That whole fun fest took up around two thirds of the trailer.

That’s because the last minute is all about destruction. It’s pretty much the Leroy Jenkins approach. This is some pretty standard stuff as far as Wolfenstein is concerned. There’s dual wielding, awesome grenades, and more dual wielding all while the blood squirts all over the camera.

Wolfenstein: The New Order Launches on May 20, and if you pre order it, you can get a Doom 4 beta. So, how will you play?

Cody Orme
Cody Orme

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