Wonder Woman Gets Pants and Claws

| Mar 12, 2015
Wonder Woman Gets Pants and Claws 1

Someone over at DC must play a lot of God of War, because Wonder Woman is getting a makeover, and it seems like the watchword for the change is “bad ass.”

It’s all part of the changes coming to the DC universe this June as they ditch the “New 52’ label and simply go back to being plain ol’ DC Universe/Comics when the big Divergence storyline starts playing out later this year. So that’s going to result in 24 new titles in addition to 25 existing titles but… yeah, New 49 is not very market friendly, so probably best to just let that quietly die.

As you can see from the image, the two big changes are that Diana is once again with pants, and her bullet proof bracelets have become claws, for some up and close and personal melee disembowelment. She’s not the only character to get a change as Superman gets perhaps even more American than ever before, ditching the cape and tights for a shirt and jeans.

All of this is pointing towards yet another dynamic year for comics as things get shaken up in a big way. Whether that shake up is actually good or required is another question entirely, but we’ll see when the books finally start coming out.


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