Exciting Xbox And Bethesda Showcase Is Confirmed For June 12

Another Xbox And Bethesda Showcase Is Confirmed For June 12

Another Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase is coming on June 12 at 1 pm ET and will be streamed in over 30 languages on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook, despite E3 being cancelled.

“This show will feature amazing titles coming from Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda, and our partners around the world,” said the Halo publisher. The show will also feature updates on games coming to the Game Pass subscription service and PC, according to Xbox.

Speaking of the E3 cancellation, the ESA was initially planning on having a digital event, but that was put to a stop too in April, as the company decided not to have the event happen in any form. At first, this worried fans as many wondered whether this would stop companies from holding their normal presentations. Hopefully, with today’s news, those worries will be put to rest, and more companies will follow suit.

As for what Xbox has historically announced at these shows, back in 2021, the two developers showed lots of new games, including trailers and announcements for Starfield, Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, and Redfall. The first on that list, Starfield, was first teased back in 2018, but all we knew about it at that point was a logo and the fact it had something to do with space. Thankfully, the next showcase could be the perfect opportunity for Bethesda to show more, as it’s now been four years since it was first shown off at E3 2018.

Another Xbox And Bethesda Showcase Is Confirmed For June 12

Xbox is also in a unique position in terms of where their presentations take place, because, unlike their competitors, Nintendo and Sony have both opted out of having in-person events at E3, with Sony pulling out of the event entirely. Xbox has been steadfast in its desire to have an in-person show even when there’s no audience there to watch it. It’s not clear at this point if Xbox will continue that tradition in the future, but for 2022, the showcase is on!

Whatever the case, Xbox and Bethesda fans now have something to look forward to on June 12. While we still don’t know some things, specifically what the format will be and what they will focus on, having a concrete date is a surefire way to get excited for the E3 season even if it’s not officially happening.

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