Report: E3 2022 Cancelled, No Virtual Expo to be Held This Year

Report: E3 2022 Canceled, No Virtual Expo to be Heald This Year 1

If reports are to be believed, E3 2022 has been fully cancelled, with the ESA not going forward with an in person or virtual event.

E3 is known for being one of the biggest conferences in gaming. Bringing together industry from all over the world to unveil the latest and greatest gaming has to offer. At least that was the case before the pandemic, since then it has been a shell of its former self. And it seems this year’s E3 2022 has officially been cancelled, with no in-person or remote-based event.

Originally, E3 had planned an in-person event for 2022, after having pushed back things in past years, but that hope was dashed when in January the ESA officially pulled the plug on the in-person event. They did not, however, announce if there would be any sort of digital event to keep the excitement going, but that hope is now dashed as it has come forward that even the digital component will be cancelled.

According to PR Lead for Razer, Will Powers via Twitter, he revealed that there will be no E3 for this year. Explaining “Just got an email… It’s official, E3 digital is official cancelled for 2022. Lots of mixed feelings about this…”

Since that point, IGN has confirmed though their sources, that yes, Indeed E3 2022 has been fully cancelled, but they are hoping for a stronger comeback in 2023.

With events like Summer Game Fest, and publishers using streams to speak directly to the public, the need for an event like E3 has diminished in recent years. There are countless ways for publishers to connect with fans and the media, making the need for an in-person event far less important.

Even without E3 2022, there will be plenty of sources for gamers to get the latest news and information, including Gamescom, Pax East and Pax West, along with many other events all across the world. It will be interesting to see how the ESA makes a comeback in 2023, but until then, we can all mourn the loss of another E3 and the exciting announcements that could have brought

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