Xbox and Rockstar Energy Drink Offer Exclusive Halo Content

Xbox and Rockstar Energy Drink Are Fueling Spartans in North America

Xbox and Rockstar Energy Drink keep the gamer’s fuel burning with new cans.

As the second weekend of tech previews for Halo Infinite wraps up, an unexpected collaboration with Xbox and Rockstar Energy Drink was forged.

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Xbox and Rockstar Energy Drink

Both companies revealed there will be five exclusive collector’s edition cans with Master Chief-inspired designs created by five amazing artists and Halo fans alike. The artists chosen were Matt Taylor, Oliver Barrett, Dan Mumford, Yuko Shimizu and Hydro74. Each artist comes from different backgrounds and was tasked to bring to life their interpretations of the best looks of Master Chief for the cans.

The flavours chosen for the cans were chosen based on popularity: Original, Sugar Free, Fruit Punch, Silver Ice, and the limited time offer, Blackberry Goji. Players can take advantage of buying these Halo cans from October 1-December 31, 2021. Of course, that is not all!

The cans are not only great addition to your Halo memorabilia collection, but there will be digital codes players can redeem for a chance to unlock Rockstar-inspired in-game content and other daily prizes, which include winning a copy of Halo Infinite or an Xbox Series X bundle.

The prize bundle includes an Xbox Series X console, digital copy of Halo Infinite, a Razer Raptor 27” monitor, and Razer Kaira Pro Halo Infinite headset. Essentially, players can get this bundle by redeeming more codes for entries into what seems like a draw that will occur to announce the winners.

Another draw, exclusive to the U.S. (sorry Canada), will take place for the big prize: a Jeep Gladiator created by Xbox and Rockstar Energy Drink. This beast looks battle-ready for all your IRL adventures, whether that’s showing off in the city or conquering the outdoors.

Xbox and Rockstar Energy Drink

Here’s a list of the awesome in-game content multiplayer players can also redeem from cans:

  • Challenge Swaps and Double XP to help level-up
  • A custom in-game emblem inspired by a banished version of a fan-favourite power weapon, The Gravity Hammer!
  • The exclusive “Nocturne Star” collection of vehicle and weapon coatings for the Warthog vehicle, Razorback vehicle and the MA40 gun
Xbox And Rockstar Energy Drink Offer Exclusive Halo Content
Xbox and Rockstar Energy Drink In-Game Exclusives

It’s time to start hitting up your local convenience stores and grocery stores to get those codes!

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