Xbox Series X Exciting Mini Fridge Available For Preorder Tomorrow In Canada

Xbox Series X Exciting Mini Fridge Available For Preorder Tomorrow In Canada

Due to an internet joke, the Xbox Series X has become a phenomenon in the mini refrigeration category, and it will be fully available for preorder in CA, again.

Although the highly sought item has now been a reality for months, Xbox Series X mini-fridge fans in Canada will finally get the opportunity to snag one of these actual Xbox refrigeration units with a little bit of luck. The last time these lucrative devices went on the market, they sold out almost as fast as the console they’re modeled after.

An Official Xbox Mini-Fridge Is Now A Thing As Microsoft Carries On The  Series X Fridge Meme - Game Informer

The Microsoft Store has finally gotten some Xbox Series X mini-fridge replicas back in stock, and fans that want a fridge modeled after their console don’t need to wait much longer. The exciting device comes equipped with a USB port and features the Xbox logo that lights up when powered on. The DC power adapter allows this device to act as an Xbox portable, but not the kind that has been rumored for a long while, or that fans have been clamouring for the past decade.

Back in October, the initial pre-order for these stylish devices went up, and out within minutes due to the high popularity of the item. Starting tomorrow, Canadians can toss their coin in the ring for a chance to pre-order this actual fridge from Microsoft themselves.

The first wave of production of this beastly fridge by Ukonic!, went out via Target’s website, and the Xbox Gear Shop. Now, this second wave of the fridge horde will be strictly available to Canadian fans on the Xbox Store for pre-order, to assure not only will the weather become frigid, so will player’s items in a system that resembles the iconic fridge looking console.

The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge will be available tomorrow via the Microsoft Store, starting at 9 am EST with shipping scheduled by January 31st, 2022.

Fans can stay up to date with the news on this exciting peripheral by following the Xbox official Twitter.

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