Xiaomi 13 Ultra Smartphone Leak Shows Industry-Leading Camera

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The highly-anticipated Xiaomi 13 Ultra smartphone has had some possible specs leak, which shows an extremely high-end camera, as well as a possible global launch coming next month.

Following the success of the Xiaomi 13 Pro, which features three 50MP rear cameras, the upcoming Xiaomi 13 Ultra could be looking to do one better, with an additional 50MP camera—bringing the total to four. Continuing their collaboration with the well-known camera brand Leica, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra looks to really bring the MPs, along with tons of additional features.

All this comes according to prolific leaker Yogesh Brar, who shared these rumoured specs on Twitter. Along with these numbers being reported, an image has also surfaced showing off what the Xiaomi 13 Ultra could be working with, and let me tell you, it’s an impressive setup if it’s a real image.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra Phone Leak Shows Industry Leading Camera 23040504

With these four 50MP cameras, uses such as standard, ultrawide, telephoto, and zoom are all seemingly available, with all of the power and features the true tech-savvy phone enthusiast could ask for. And with the Leica branding backing it up with all of the bonus features available through that collaboration, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra could boast the best camera setup in the industry this year.

Besides the four gigantic cameras on the rear of the phone, this leaked image also shows inputs for other sensors and add-ons, such as the rear microphone, flash, and focusing sensor positions. The Xiaomi 13 Ultra leaked image also shows an opening for a loudspeaker on the top, along with additional microphone openings and several other openings for unknown reasons.

Xiaomi has yet to announce a launch date for the Xiaomi 13 Ultra and has not commented as of the time of publishing on the validity of the leak, but a May 2023 release is rumoured, with a global launch reaching outside of the usual Chinese market.

Additionally, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra smartphone will supposedly come with a 6.7″ QHD+ AMOLED LTPO display at 120Hz, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, some hefty RAM and storage options, as well as a 4,900mAh battery. For more on the camera front, the front of the phone will feature a 32MP selfie camera. To reiterate, all of this is a leak and has not been confirmed by Xiaomi, however, the validity of the leaker and the possible specs make it a good possibility.

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