Xiaomi’s Mi TV ES 2022 Looks Promising

Xiaomi's Mi TV ES 2022 Looks Promising 1

Xiaomi Corporation recently announced the Mi TV 6 but the Mi TV ES 2022 looks to be an even more affordable model that still has plenty of great features.

Chinese corporation Xiaomi has started competing much more aggressively in the tech space. The company is creating some powerful and truly impressive pieces of hardware and the newly announced Mi TV ES 2022 is no different. The Mi TV 6 series was announced with a June 28, 2021 release with two different models that would focus on supporting Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+, Wi-Fi 6 (which supports faster speeds and improved encryption), and more.

Currently, Mi TV 6 and Mi TV ES 2022 are the only sets in the series but they both look promising with the latter also being priced competitively. Both TVs will also be QLED and feature 120Hz, which will make them both very suitable for gaming.

Xiaomi'S Mi Tv Es 2022 Looks Promising

The TV sets were reportedly to cost around ¥10,000, which is just shy of $2,000 Canadian Dollars at a price point of $1,909. An official announcement posted on Weibo indicated the Mi TV ES 2022 model will only cost ¥4,000, which is only $763. This model may be on the inexpensive side compared to a lot of other TVs on the market but it has a lot of new and exciting features despite the lower price tag, including multi-zone local dimming, internal storage, high color accuracy, and even blue light protection.

Xiaomi products aren’t widely available around the world but the competitive features and pricing could influence and push for similar pricing and features in products from competitors. Even if you’re not interested in getting the latest and greatest TV tech, these features will eventually trickle down and be available in cheaper TV sets as companies continue raising the bar and pushing what’s possible from the comfort of our couches. It’s a good time to be alive for anyone who loves sitting in front of a TV with movies, series, or video games.

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