XSEED To Bring Ys 7 To Windows Machines Via Steam, Summer 2017

| Jul 17, 2017
XSEED To Bring Ys7 To Windows Machines Via Steam, Summer 2017

XSEED has announced that Ys 7, which originally released on the Sony PlayStation Portable will be coming to Windows machines this Summer.

Ys 7 which originally released all the way back in 2009 on Sony’s first handheld, will now be hitting Steam sometime in Summer 2017. The PC port of the Ys 7 will bring with it HD graphics and a blistering 60FPS that will take the already lightning fast game and elevate it to new heights.

Xseed To Bring Ys7 To Windows Machines Via Steam, Summer 2017 1

Nihon Falcom’s first entry into storied and beloved series of action RPGS will be coming to Steam, and with it will feature plug and play controller compatibility, Steam achievements and the aforementioned HD graphics and higher framerates, making it the definitive way to enjoy the game.

For those unfamiliar with Ys 7, the game is a part of a long running series of action RPGs that first came out back in 1987 on the Sharp X1 PC system. Since then, the series has come to many different platforms with Ys 7 being one of the most popular entries into the series which launched on the PSP. Ys 7 follows the adventures of Adol and his friend Dogi, two prominent characters who have been featured in many Ys titles.

Xseed To Bring Ys7 To Windows Machines Via Steam, Summer 2017 2

The two end up being thrown into a dungeon after trying to aide two sisters that were being harassed by the city’s knights. Due to their renowned fame as adventurers, the two are pardoned on the request of the King. The King asks Adol and Dogi to investigate some mysterious and strange earthquakes in the area. Eventually, the two heroes discover that the powerful and mighty Five Dragons are once again awakening in order to prevent a catastrophic tragedy. The Dragons’ lend Adol their brute strength and wisdom in order for him to stop the looming danger that awaits them.

Ys 7 marks the return of the series on the PC since Ys Books I & II in 2013, which was another port of titles that were also originally released on the PSP.  It is fitting to see the series slowly return on to the PC, as the very first entry into the now massive series launched on computer systems.

No definitive release date has been set for the upcoming Ys 7 Steam release, but the game is due out sometime this Summer.

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