Crab War


Jan 6. Join the crab procession this Thaipusam in your best colours and celebrate the first event of the year in Crab War!


In a land full of powerful crystals hidden below its surface, crabs have lived peacefully on land until one day, they were driven underground by reptilian invaders. Lying dormant for years, the crabs have become empowered by the crystals’ powers, and have emerged to reclaim their homeland!


Collect Feathers from the Rangoli Butterflies and use the collected Feathers to unlock special event rewards, which include Pearls, Conches, Genes, and Gems that can give your crab swarm a mighty boost to their power! 


Crab War


Don’t forget to add variety to your crab army during the holy festival! Obtain the Empyrean Spear Shell and the Ornate Divinity Shell for a gilded and bejewelled new look. Your army will be thankful for the extra flair and colour that comes with these new shells! 


Additionally, the exclusive Thaipusam Super Bundle will also be making a comeback, providing newcomers and veteran Crab lords with a super valuable bundle of items to further strengthen their army of Crabs. Grab these amazing event-exclusive items now and wage war!


Harness the power of your swarm in Crab War now and reclaim your homeland!


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