Nitro Racing GO Breaks the Mold Later This Month

Nitro Racing GO, an idle clicker with a slick street racing theme from T-Bull, will speed on to Google Play and the App Store later this month.
Nitro Racing GO gives racers a new perspective on the popular genre by putting them in the driver’s seat. Players will live life in the fast lane and pass rival racers to earn cash – then improve their driving skills and upgrade the performance of over 45 different vehicle components. Only the fast survive.
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Nitro Racing GO will swerve worldwide to Google Play and the App Store later this month. Tens of thousands of players alreadyput the pedal to the metal during geotesting and the open beta.
Previous mobile games from T-Bull with racing themes have been downloaded more than 190 million times. All of their games, regardless of genre, have accumulated more than 294 million installs.
Nitro Racing GO marks T-Bull’s most ambitious and expansive game to date largely due to the game’s innovative amalgamation of different genres, creating the world’s first idle racing clicker with a gorgeous, realistic art style. Racers will tap to speed up, earn money for passing other cars, then spend that money to improve their ride. Trading cards can further upgrade vehicles and hire new crew members to boost car performance.
Nitro Racing GO puts drivers behind that wheel as they outpace and outrace more than 20,000 virtual opponents, compete in weekly tournaments and race against friends. Outfit cars with more than 45 different upgrades to increase their speed and earning potential. New vehicles can also be unlocked, purchased, and upgraded as players rise through the ranks and complete racing circuits.
Nitro Racing GO takes idle clicking to the streets with its detailed 3D car models – no cookies or space potatoes here! Instead, players watch in real time as they tear across the asphalt, weaving from lane to lane and leaving their opponents in the dust.
“We built our reputation on making the best mobile racing games,” said Damian Fijalkowski, Co-Founder and CTO of T-Bull, “With Nitro Racing GO we will continue to move racing games forward by integrating mechanics from other genres to create an experience like none other.”
Nitro Racing GO will be free-to-play on Google Play and the App Store and available in English Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese. The game features optional microtransactions for virtual currency that enhance the play experience in a wide variety of ways. 

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