Don’t Miss Out, This Spiritfarer Collector’s Edition is Exclusive

Spiritfarer is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that dares to explore themes and relationships rarely contemplated in video games. We couldn’t recommend it more enthusiastically, and as such, we’ve crafted a deluxe package befitting of this emotional opus.

Made in collaboration with developer Thunder Lotus, this premium Spiritfarer Collector’s Edition features a fully functional Everlight replica and stunning Constellation Lantern display box. 

On top of this, we’re thrilled to be bringing Max LL’s poignant and daring Spiritfarer score to wax. This true masterpiece of a soundtrack includes 2xLP on Star Hat Green vinyl and boasts a gorgeous painterly cover by Erin Vest. 

Both available for pre-order exclusively on RIGHT NOW!

Don'T Miss Out, This Spiritfarer Collector'S Edition Is Exclusive

Spiritfarer Collector’s Edition Switch/PS4 includes:

  • iam8bit Exclusive
  • Fully functional Everlight Replica
  • Innovative & Premium Constellation Lantern Display Box
  • Collectible Postcard and Stamp set, highlighting exotic locations from the game + a personal side quest that only you can do!
  • Digital Download Card for the Spiritfarer soundtrack by composer Max LL
  • Digital Download Card for 96-page Spiritfarer art book
  • Physical edition of Spiritfarer featuring Exclusive, Reversible Cover Art by acclaimed illustrator Aidan Yetman-Michaelson (Region Free – Worldwide Compatibility)
  • Includes all digital content updates for the game (details here)
Don'T Miss Out, This Spiritfarer Collector'S Edition Is Exclusive

The Spiritfarer 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack includes:

  • 2xLP on Star Hat Green Vinyl 
  • Music by Max LL 
  • Album Art by Erin Vest
  • Includes Digital Download
  • Mastered for Vinyl by Townsend Mastering