Pixels & Ink: Episode #308 – Conpocalypse

| April 10, 2020
Pixels & Ink: Episode #308 - Conpocalypse

This week, E3 2020 officially announced it would be cancelled, with many of the cons in the summer unsure if they will go forward, the CGM crew sit down (remotely) to discuss what this could mean for conventions and trade shows moving forward. Could this type of pandemic be the death knell for mega cons, or will they come back stronger than ever after this is all said and done?

With Lindsey, Liam, Lain, Brendan and Alex on the cast this week, they discuss what this could mean for the industry, how it can survive such a situation, and what conventions can do moving forward to make them safer, and ensure they are not a hotbed for contagion. Also, with Final Fantasy VII Remake finally, here, the crew take some time to dive into what Final Fantasy meant for them, along with what people who want to experience the series should try. With some recommendations for things to do over the weekend, episode 308 of the pixels and ink podcast is jam-packed with topics to keep you entertained.

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